19 Exford Road, London, SE12 9HD

Tel. 07403364482

Created by Corpitnets Ltd

We’ve ensured getting in touch with us is as easy and flexible as possible. You can use our help centre portal, our live chat for instant contact, via email or making a call. All support tasks, issues or questions are entered into our help desk creating a uniquely identified ticket. The user who makes a request can track a ticket from start to completion and can always access any historical ticket that has been completed.

This provides our clients with transparency for issues raised, the action taken and time taken to resolve tickets. Our help centre is an audit of all work carried out as well as a historical record of problems that have arisen and been resolved.


We like to keep things simple so there’s no hidden extra’s or additional charges to surprise you so we offer two options one being an all-inclusive support, the other being an in office hours only support.

Whatever your IT support needs, we can provide you with a well-trained, experienced technician and the right tools to help you focus more on your work and less on technology issues.

We support virtually all of the most popular types of desktops and laptops. From firewalls to desktops and even managing your other vendors! Some of the more popular desktop items we support are Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and many others.