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Search Engine Friendly Websites

All websites should be built so that they're easily picked up in search engine results. We follow all Google guidelines for the onsite structure to ensure that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines can quickly scan, index, and rank your site. This means you get better exposure in their search results pages, and thus more inbound traffic from visitors searching for what you offer.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Over 20% of internet traffic is now on mobile devices. The websites we build are “responsive”. In other words, when visitors arrive at your site, your website will automatically adapt and optimise to any device they might be using, whether it’s a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or iPad, or a mobile phone.

Great User Experience

We make sure that your website makes it easy for users to navigate and get the information they want. For great user experience, your site’s menu structure should be intuitive, your labelling should be clear, and the language of your site should be free of industry jargon. The graphics and colour scheme should be attractive, uniform, and complementary.


  • Clearly defined project plan with deadlines.

  • Detailed regular reporting.

  • Prompt communication at all stages of the project.

  • Easily maintainable and well-documented code.

  • Your vision – you have the final word.

  • After launch support.